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OTCMarket Ad’s operates as an investor relations firm dedicated to providing emerging companies brand-specific public relations campaigns. Our programs are best suited for micro-cap, small-cap and mid size companies. Increase the visibility and reach around your stock and product offerings. We have extensive knowledge in the capital markets and the best way to meet the max potential for your industry. Our client customer service is unrivaled and ready to deliver on public relations programs that drive consumer and shareholder value. 

Media Outreach Campaigns

Increase discoverability of your business and products with one of our media outreach programs today.

Public Relations

Find the best fit to handle public relations for your company. One that bridges that gap and gets communication started!

SEO Optimization

Keep your company up to date on the latest search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

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Target investors in your niche.
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As an expert in the financial markets and digital marketing our executive team has the knowledge and experience to bring your project to market.

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Going Public, IPO, Pre-IPO & Capital Markets

We’re glad to discuss your organizations plan. OTCMarket Ads brings unmatched results that help companies go public and maintain a good-standing. At OTCMarket Ads, we use our strengths and lean on our trusted partners for external services required. We can help assist with financial services such as marketing plans, business plans, financial models, S-1 fillings, reverse mergers and other consulting needs.


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OTCMarket Ads is comprised of a team with decades of experience disseminating regulatory financial filings and press releases for publicly traded companies. Our efforts are focused on connecting your company with the necessary newswires and regulatory services. Our press coverage taps into critical media placements and incubators. Our commitments to clients always come first. OTCMarket Ads main goal is to contribute towards building your business and generating awareness through extensive investor relations, digital marketing, and alternative communications. Our team can assist in creating and sending direct emails to subscribers and potential customers. 

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