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Investor Relations-

Investor relations plays an integral part in the corporate finance cycle no matter the line of operations. Investor Relations combines financial performance, communication and marketing aspects and packages them in an attractive manner for presentation to investors, shareholders, and its stakeholders.

Communication: IR departments act as a funnel for publicly traded companies. This ensures all investors, analysts and media are receiving equal and transparent information. Hiring investor relations executive positions to focus on managing the daily business operations. OTCMarket Ad’s IR department brings the expertise of wall street with us. Often times we encounter management that is unfamiliar with what material should be included or left out of a press release. In other cases, we find executive management lacks the technical knowledge, and point of view of investors.

Communication Methods: Social Media, Press Releases, Conference Calls, Website updates, Financial Fillings, Capital Market Conferences and Road Shows.

The value that comes with hiring an external IR firm are unmatched. Executives can focus on running the business instead of answering investor questions or worrying about public relations compliance obligations. Hiring an IR department adds a layer between management and direct communication with shareholders, analysts, and media outlets. OTCMarket Ad’s assist in financial releases, press, maintaining or building IR website portal, planning road shows, and marketing your stock to potential investors.

Public Relations-

Our experts are passionate about our client’s short and long term vision. By utilizing OTCMarket Ad programs, you receive a constant level of visibility and communication benefits focused around the story at hand. OTCMarket Ads spectrum of services includes, buzz building, content marketing, branding, and crisis management. These services promote ease of access to information which can result in an appreciated market capitalization and sentiment towards product & operations.

From our experience we believe that being a good listener, transparent and employing a high level of customer service are what leads to a successful long-term commitment between corporate goals and IR. We value all clients equally and apply the same values whether they are seeking short-term or long-term opportunities. 

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