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OTCMarket Ad’s Investor Relations Agency.

Our experts are passionate about our client's short and long term vision. By utilizing OTCMarket Ad programs, you receive a constant level of visibility and communication benefits focused around the story at hand. Multi-layered investor relations programs can be beneficial to client's communications and ease of access which can result in an appreciated market capitalization and sentiment towards product & operations.

From our experience we believe that transparency and customer service are what leads to a successful long-term commitment between corporate goals and IR. We value all clients equally and apply the same values whether they are seeking short-term opportunities or long-term with OTCMarket Ad services.

OTCMarket Ads employs the latest techniques and tools to build out your investor relations website portal and relative communication channels. The packages we offer clients range from short term projects on micro-caps to widespread investor outreach campaigns. We focus on creating relationships in targeted demographics for each clients specific industry and segment. Our experts have a decade of experience in the over-the-counter, pink-sheets, and notable QX standards. If you are unsure how your company maneuvers this unique environment...Well you came to the right place!

Our program provides significant coverage to aid in creating stock support and higher market capitalization by leveraging the largest and most impactful databases specific to your industry who would find interest in your public stock.

Research by the School of Economics and Commerce, Guangzhou in 2020- “Garcia-Medina et al. (5) used random matrix theory and information theory to analyze the correlations and flow of information between 64,939 news items from The New York Times and 40 world financial indices over 10 months during the 2015–2016 period. Their results suggested a deep relationship between news and world indices and showed that the news drives world market movement.”


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