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We find that companies with strong communications programs outperform their peers. Maintaining frequent and fruitful communication among internal and external aspects of the business are key to a positive impression on the general public, stakeholders, shareholders, and potential customers.

Media and Public Relations

Every business requires a plan for the varying forms of communication. We specialize in the following– 

Media Communication – (Organize executive interviews 1-on-1’s, marketing programs, press releases, social media monitoring)
Shareholder Communication – (Investor relations, AGM, Q&A’s, Social Media, Company updates, Telephone line for investors & shareholders)
Crisis Communication – (Organize and advise the issues at hand. Social media monitoring, damage control, reputation protection)
Internal Communication – (Internal blogs, newsletters, branding kits, IR materials)

Insights from the Gartner 2020 spend survey reveal that 10% of annual revenues are allocated towards marketing spend. This budget allocation is typically broken into segments such as, paid media, agency, martech, and labor. Data and analytics create a funnel allowing for lead generation, and driving decision making.

General PR Practice

Most companies often have two sides of public relations to manage. The first side are internal measures. These are crucial in regards to the presentation and competence of decision makers as well as the direction of the company. Communicating these values and goals with the largest institutional investors and shareholders in your company are important towards maintain the relationship. The second side of public relations that a company must juggle are the external commitments. These can be best defined by the product or service being offered. This step is all about building brand recognition and a social footprint among investors and product consumers. Having the necessary knowledge of how to bring your product to investors and consumers is essential to success.



Our research at OTCMarket Ad’s finds that maintaining a strong focus on these qualities will lead to a thriving business environment. When clients leverage our services on average they see happier shareholders which translates to an appreciated share value. Other benefits include, increasing company visibility, reputation, and social proof.

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