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Take the necessary steps to increase your public exposure through OTCMarket Ads rapid traffic web solutions, journalists, investor news sites, social media influencers and more. Fighting for the top space in the microcap and smallcap markets has always been a challenge for companies. Our outreach programs are assembled with careful planning and patience to find the most effective solutions for clients.

Using relevant providers is essential to successful lead generation and conversion. 
Understand your audience
Leverage stock exchange knowledge resulting in share appreciation
Consistent and thorough monitoring of all social activity
Press Releases Social Media Investor Relations

Press releases are an essential way to share company operations and achievements with the general public. There are many online press distribution companies that claim they can get it done. Some of the notable press wires that we have a positive experience with are, Globe Newswire, MCAP Media Wire, and PR Newswire. 

Using a press wire is very important to reach the media outlets and journalists in an efficient manner. However, they are becoming limited in scope and the value they bring. Brands often seek the extra some form of direct niche targeting. This can be done with running a micro-influencer campaign.

 The micro-influencer trend is increasing, more brands are beginning to incorporate micro-influencer campaigns into their marketing budgets. This strategy has a better conversion rate and on average is more affordable. Incorporating OTC & Small-cap influencers to your press release distribution is a sure way to get higher engagements. 

Strengthen your corporate social media strategy. Social media and traditional financial news media are at a major intersection. Studies reveal that 80% of investors use social media as part of their daily workflow. And 48% of those investors were enabled to do further due diligence into the topic. 

Social media offers infinite reach and provides the ability for a brand to directly engage with their consumers. Platform giants such as, Facebook and Twitter have large financial communities, especially "fintwit". Twitter has become a staple for traders and investors seeking breaking news and analysis.

If your public company is seeking to attract investors and traders then building your social media following is a must. Millions of people frequent social media everyday to get their news. 

Our experts are passionate about our client's short and long term vision. By utilizing OTCMarket Ad programs, you receive a constant level of visibility and communication benefits focused around the story at hand. 

Multi-layered investor relations programs can be beneficial to client's communications and ease of access which can result in an appreciated market capitalization and sentiment towards product & operations.


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